Kellogg Hollow, Dayton, WA

Our house was built in 1900! It has a full foundation, but the beam atop it had to be completely replaced. We've spent Sundays most of the last 3 years working to completely re-roof, re-side, insullate, re-wire, re-plumb, replace all the doors and windows, completely sheetrock the interior and lay all new floors! LeAnn's Mom and Dad have been fantastic help and wonderful resources through it all!

Original: October, 2006

Original - South Original - East

October, 2008

South View East View

July, 2009

Maple Floor 2 Maple Floor Maple Floor 3 Laundry

December, 2009

Dining Floor Living Floor construction Living Floor with Hearth Ok, nice butt shot, but what do you expect?

Dining room floor is finished and wonderful!!We have a Blaze King Gas stove in there for emergencies (if it gets too cold, or if we leave on vacation). Some day it will get warm again and we'll finish the Living Room -- the wood is in (with lots of muddy kitty tracks), but needs to be sanded and finished... that requires open windows and you just don't do that below about 50 degrees if you want the finish to cure!