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Future Costumes

Here's my wish list -- hopefully I'll get some of these done this year (since I didn't manage them last year)...

More yummy fabric added during the Christmas sales at JoAnn Fabrics, but I don't have pictures yet!

Solid yellow with yellow and white stripe 1876 Promenade

Yellow solid & stripe - Under construction (soon I hope!) I'd love to wear this at NW Regionals 2009 - We'll see! (I've already missed Winter Range by a long shot!).

Blue with Lime Green Dots Victorian Bathing Suit

Victorian Bathing Suit coming up!

Camisol Front Camisol Detail New camisol in progress

Blue Pendleton Wool Plaid and Solid Yummy Pendleton Wool waiting to be something new

Pink kinda plaid

1889 Promenade it will be (2nd from the left)! Pink that's sorta plaid and I've got a wonderful Flowerpot Hat from Sweet Violet to go with this.

GreenDefinitely "stash" fabric. I think I've had these for at least 3 years. Need just the "right" inspiration...

Quilting collection fabric from Keepsake quilting that I simply couldn't pass up... Now what?


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January 3, 2010